Frequently Asked Questions:


I am a Retailer – how can we stock your products?

We are actively seeking retailers across the UK and Europe to stock our Yaris Racing products. If you are interested please call us or email us to discuss further.

I am a Retailer – can you supply on a ‘white-label’ basis?

We have a number of ‘white-label’ relationships across the UK and Europe so our priority is to support our existing retailers first and foremost. We will be happy to discuss supplying on a white-label basis subject to volume and geography – please get in touch to discuss further.

I am a personal consumer – where can I buy your products?

Please get in touch and we will direct you to your nearest retailer.

Do you send colour swatches?
Yes we can send colour swatches, all you need to do is let us know the address to send them too.

Can I have any colour / binding combination?
Each product comes with a variety of colour and binding  options. You can choose any combination you like from the colours available.

Can you match my brand colours?
We will match your colours as closely as we can, and match the binding and piping. Just get in touch and we will be happy to provide you with mock-up images of the finished items, prior to purchase.

Which is best – embroidery or print?
This depends on a number of factors; your preferred material (some will print and some wont), the size of logo you want (print is much larger than embroidery) and finish. Contact us at the outset so we can discuss options and provide you with mock-up images and prices.

Can you embroider more than one logo?
Yes, if you have any bespoke requirements, we can help! Please contact us.

What does digitising my logo mean?
This is the process that turns a visual image (jpg etc) into a format that enables the embroidery machine to stitch the logo or print in large format. This is a one off charge. Once we have your logo in a digitised format, we will keep this for future orders.

What materials do you use?
We only use high quality materials that are tried and tested for comfort and durability. We have longstanding relationships with a wide range of fabric manufacturers across the UK.